Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming with the pressure to make the day perfect and all the myriad of different details – including your wedding wine.

In my experience, the best way to handle all the excitement and stress of a wedding is to take a step back. Remember, the main goal of your wedding is to celebrate marrying the love of your life & joy of joining two families together with all those dear to you.

Wedding wine can feel intimidating to plan, can't it? Here are some helpful thoughts to get you to a wedding wine win!
Wine and weddings go together but … how? Thoughts on planning the wine you will offer your wedding guests.

Wedding Wine Thoughts …

A big part of a celebration is refreshments! I guarantee you that most guests will not remember the center pieces or the party favors.. but they will remember the food and beverages you serve! It is only natural as food and drinks engage all your senses.

Depending on the venue you are using for your reception, there will be different alcohol requirements for the venue and the local ordinances.

General advice: Pick the wines you and your fiancé like! The wedding is a reflection of your relationship and your personalities.

Looking forward to relaxing with a glass of your wedding wine in your hand? This week's blog on planning your wedding wine can help!

Specific advice for a Closed Venue …

Some wedding/reception venues do not allow outside alcohol and ask you to select options from their list and are considered “closed venues.” When doing this, look for the value wines! Value wines are often hid in the middle of the price list that often outshine the expected stars. Step outside your comfort zone and try lesser common varietals. This is where you often find some serious gems.

Consider this when selecting wines at a closed venue..

Red Wine: Instead of selecting a traditional Cabernet Sauvignon as your red wine venture out to either a Zinfandel or Syrah. Each of these wines bring the same elements that people love of Cab Sauv. with a different twists

White Wine: rather than going with the classic Chardonnay, rock a Riesling! Especially if you are serving fresh veggies and grilled meat. Or if you are serving Italian cuisine, opt for a gorgeous Pinot Gris!

Wedding Wines & Open Venues –

Woo! So many options to source your wedding wine now are open to you.

Very cool of your venue to allow this. That being said, ask what local connections the venue has for wine. You never know what great industry connections they will have.

Beyond that.. be creative! Do you have a favorite winery? Perhaps one where your fiancé or your family goes to often?  

Keep an eye out for the occasional case sale or call to speak with one of their team members. The winery team will be able to guide to the best products and deals to meet your events needs.  

When the day comes and everything is ready, you can relax and enjoy a glass of your wedding wine with your guests.
When the day comes and everything is ready, you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests.

Great … but How Much Wedding Wine Do We Need?

Planning Quantities:

The internet is a great tool! There are many wonderful sites that offer drink calculators for weddings and other events. However, if you are like me, you probably want to calculate it out yourself.

Let’s say you are planning a 100 guest wedding, a good rule of thumb is that your guest will have 3 glasses of wine. Therefore an estimate 300 glasses of wine.

This still takes into account the variation between guests as some will drink more than 3 and others will drink no wine.

Every regular bottle of wine (750ml) serves 6 glasses on average. So 300/6 = 50 bottles of wine needed.

An easy split of 25 bottles of white and 25 bottles of red wine! For a wedding that size I would suggest getting 5 cases (12 bottles / case) total.

Toasting and laughing are a great traditions that wedding wine adds to your special wedding day.

Hope this helped you as build and design your very own wedding!

Remember your wedding for years to come by celebrating your anniversaries with bottles of your wedding wine. That is a great tradition sure to bring a smile to your hearts.

Cheers to a beautiful future for you and your future spouse!

For more information on serving wine to your wedding guests, read

“How To” Serve Wine to Your Guests Well – Tips

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