Our mascots enjoy helping our team share information about wine, craft beer, cider, whiskey and distilled spirits in fun ways.

Vin’s specialty is sharing information about enjoying wine. What does really tasting wine involve? Why do we have differently shaped wine glasses? If you have ever had these questions like Vin, you may enjoy watching his videos sharing what he has learned.

Hops enjoys learning and sharing what he learns about craft beer and other spirits. How should you actually taste a craft beer? What goes into making beer? etc. These are questions that we were curious about and Hops shares the answers in a fun way.

History of Vin & Hops …

Learn how Vin & Hops came to be our mascots and share their new found West Coast knowledge on wine, craft beer and more.

Vin & Hops Celebrating Holidays …

Celebrating good times and holidays are pretty much what wine, craft beer and alcoholic drinks were created for, aren’t they? Vin & Hops have enjoyed celebrating lots of holidays. Join them by watching their videos.

Watch All of Vin & Hops Adventures on Our CKJY Exports YouTube Channel