Wine & Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale! Kala Christougena! Happy Christmas! Holidays equals folks gathering to celebrate and wine is a treasured part of that around the world. While most European countries include wine in their celebrations, they each do it with their own signature flair and style. Here we explore a few “Wine & Holiday Celebrations Around […]

No Tricks … Alcohol Treat Yourself!

Adult life really doesn’t need Halloween to trick us, does it? What we need in life is more TREATS! #YOLO Enjoy some alcohol treats! A few favs are …

South Korean Alcohol Market SnapShot

What are South Korean consumers and alcohol buyers currently seeking? With our CEO, Claire Logsdon, flying out to Seoul this week for our third Western United States Agricultural Trade Association trip, sharing what the South Korean alcohol markets are currently seeking may be in interesting glimpse to share. Enjoy our South Korean alcohol market snapshot!

Definitely Worth Celebrating = California Wine Month

It’s that time of year again … California Wine Month! For those of you that don’t know September is Wine Month in California. This is the 15th annual celebration of the 3,900 wineries and 5,900 grape growers in California. Just another reason to celebrate and drink some of your favorite wine. What Can You Do […]

More Thoughts on Tasty Washington Wines to Sip …

When you think of summer you think of heat and heat makes you think of things to stay cool. Enter, wine! Now, obviously, we need to drink water to stay hydrated but a few other things come to mind as well … like tasty Washington wine varietals.

Fountain of Youth? Try a DIY Vodka Cocktail Fountain Instead!

Want to offer your guests something fun at your next party? Create a vodka cocktail fountain. Here’s how …

Plan & Host a SIMPLE, Elegant & Enjoyable Wine & Cheese Day Party!

Ready for a fun “Adult” Holiday? We are. Did you know July 25th is Wine & Cheese Day? Here are some thoughts to help you celebrate with your friends …