“How to” Taste Craft Beer

Now  …  you may be thinking, “How to taste craft beer? You drink it… duh!” Yes, it is very simple to taste and enjoy any beer. Have you ever paused to truly sense the flavors and style of your beer? Simple Steps of How to Taste Craft Beer – Here are proven steps on how to […]

Tasty Craft Beer & Food Pairing Suggestions!

When you really know and enjoy craft beer flavors, you start to recognize tasting patterns. Pairing your beer with your food is a logical next step, right? Looking for tasty craft beer food pairing suggestions? Summertime seems to beg for these, doesn’t it? Our friends at Backwoods Brewing make many flavors of their brews that […]

Why Try … American Styled India Pale Ale (IPA)?

Are you craving a thirst quenching, refreshing beer for summer scorching days? How do you select a beer for a hot day? Are there refreshing beer “recipes”? India Pale Ale or IPA’s are a great summertime beer. Well … August is THE month for IPA’s. August not only has International Beer Day on the 3rd […]

13 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Enjoying Craft Beer

Everyone is obsessed with enjoying craft beer and you should be too! The craft beer industry is booming! If you have not heard someone talk about craft beer in 2018, you must be living under a rock. The craft beer movement has grown so large that it is challenging the traditional beer culture across the […]

Why Try … West Coast Craft Beer?

Craft beer? Umm … Surely you have realized that not all beer is considered “craft beer” … yet … all craft beer is still called beer.   Interesting, right? Let’s explore West Coast craft beer more together! Differences Between Beer & Craft Beer True craft beer is made in small batches with high quality while regular […]

“How to” Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party – Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider

Watching the Winter Olympics is fun, isn’t it? Are you watching alone or with friends? Thought of having an Olympics party to add to the fun? Yes? Here is an idea for you Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party! How? Below is all you will need. Shop for Olympics Tasting Party Shopping List – Explained […]

Holiday Food & Fun Pairing Guide – Wine & Craft Beer

Holiday fun with wine, craft beer or hard cider? At times it can feel so stressful to pair spirits perfectly, can’ it? Folks you rarely see or new faces you want to impress can build your holiday stress as you prepare for these special guests. Our CKJY Exports blog is here help! In this post, […]