Plan & Host a SIMPLE, Elegant & Enjoyable Wine & Cheese Day Party!

Ready for a fun “Adult” Holiday? We are. Did you know July 25th is Wine & Cheese Day? Here are some thoughts to help you celebrate with your friends …

Celebrating GALentine’s Day

We’ve all heard of Valentines day, where couples celebrate their love for each. But when do you celebrate you girl friends that are there for you always? Now, you can show how much you love & appreciate your girlfriends on Galentines Day, February 13th.  Amy Poeler’s character Leslie Knope created GALentine’s Day on Parks & […]

Toast! – 8 Bubbly Toasts to Welcome 2019 – By Claire Logsdon

What better reason to raise a glass than celebrating a new year with friends and family? Celebrating a great event or the events to come is an age old tradition, dating back thousands of years when humans first began drinking alcohol. Typically, we say a few meaningful celebratory words at an event or occasion, don’t […]

“Glow Wine” – A Winter Wine Recipe to Warm You

When our family was in Germany visiting their Christmas markets, it was COLD. The cold there is deep and bone chilling type of cold. Still, Christkindlesmarkts are a well loved centuries long tradition. What is their secret to having a terrific time year after year in their open air Christmas markets? Their winter warm wine recipe! […]

Plan & Host a SIMPLE, Elegant & Enjoyable Wine & Cheese Day Party!

Did you know National Wine & Cheese Day is coming up soon?  July 25th is the day.  (Nope! We aren’t dreaming this up. LOL! Click to learn more about National Wine & Cheese Day!) However … we do not have to limit our celebrations to just America. Anyone can celebrate this, right? What a terrific […]

#OpenThat BottleDay = Create a Wine Occassion

Everyone who enjoys wine seems to collect a few bottles or a cellar full, right? Then, you “save” a bottle or a few for a special occasion … that never comes. Those dusty saved bottles are the stars of #OpenThatBottleDay ! Celebrate with us! Did you know that since 2000, the last Saturday of February […]

“How to” Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party – Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider

Watching the Winter Olympics is fun, isn’t it? Are you watching alone or with friends? Thought of having an Olympics party to add to the fun? Yes? Here is an idea for you Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party! How? Below is all you will need. Shop for Olympics Tasting Party Shopping List – Explained […]