Wine’s Frontier – India

While celebrating one of our founder’s weddings in India last month, our team explored more export market opportunities. Glimpses of what they learned are shared in this week’s Wine & Spirits blog …

Enjoy a Cup of Pat Paulsen’s Coffee House Wines for International Coffee Day

Did you know that every year September 29th is International Coffee Day? Who knew, right? Our CKJY Exports team loves coffee and drink it every day. As you know, we also love wine. Have you ever heard of wine infused with coffee? Our friend, Monty, creates a whole line of CoffeeHouse wines! Awesome, right? Keep […]

Single Vineyard Wine? Why is That Special?

While perusing the wine aisle or reading a nice restaurant’s wine list, you may have come across the term “ Single Vineyard ”. You may have thought to yourself… Don’t all wines come from a vineyard? Why is a Single Vineyard special? Did you feel nervous wondering what does this mean? Truth be told, I […]

Stop & Smell the Rosé ! Let’s Celebrate Rosé  Wine!

Happy Rosé Wine Month! Welcome to the Rosé  state of mind. Come sip some rosé  knowledge with us! There is not a more perfect month than June to celebrate rosé than when the rose bushes are in full bloom. So.. what is rosé other than pink wine? While many people love drinking rosé, but have no […]

2018 Year of the Dog – What Significance for the World of Wine?

In the Eastern Hemisphere of our world, folks are getting ready to celebrate a new year, a lunar new year. Traditions involve gathering on the eve of the new year for feasting with family. On New Year’s day they clean their houses to remove any remaining bad luck from the previous year. Terrific tradition, right? […]

Wine & Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale! Kala Christougena! Happy Christmas! Holidays equals folks gathering to celebrate and wine is a treasured part of that around the world. While most European countries include wine in their celebrations, they each do it with their own signature flair and style. Here we explore a few “Wine & Holiday Celebrations Around […]

Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé & Geena Yaw

Geena Yew is one of our terrific CKJY Exports’ interns, who is currently studying at Fresno State University. Geena is our guest writer for this week’s Wine & Spirits Blog -Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé. Enjoy learning more about what Geena pairs with rosé for a terrific meal! Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé Rosé wine […]

Tasty Wine Pairing Suggestions for International Cuisines featuring Cathedral Ridge Winery

When hosting an evening at your place for friends, we all want it to be interesting and fun, right? How do you do this consistently? We try new things like international cuisine recipes! Our CKJY Exports team enjoys pairing wine with new recipes. How do we do it? Well … it depends … Are we Wine […]