Can You Find the Wine Next Time? (Labels Matter)

Odds are pretty good if you enjoy drinking wine, this has happened to you ... On a shopping trip, you decided to "try" a different varietal, type or winery's wine. You brought it home and shared it. It was delicious! So, you "made a mental note" of what the bottle or name. The next time [...]

Would You Buy It Again? Would You Buy That Wine Again?

What makes wine a winner for you? Actually, the only and the best critic of the wine in your glass is you. What really matters when you are judging a wine? Flavor, affordable, findable, fitting, winemaker, region? These are several factors that come into play when we decide we like a wine or not. With an open [...]

Saluting – Winery Heroics

What makes a great tasting wine? Most folks will start describing what they would like to taste in their glass when asked that question. Our CKJY Exports team has a much different answer to the question "What makes a great tasting wine?" because we know that the WHO is much more important than the wine. [...]

Working for Their Workers Health – Williamette Valley Wineries = AWESOME!

“We respect what they do,” Nancy Ponzi, of the pioneering Ponzi Vineyards in Sherwood, Ore said “This is not charity. It’s an obligation to protect these workers and their families” says in Eric Mortenson's July 20th article, Willamette Valley vineyards fund health care van for workers. Bottom line = Williamette Valley wineries care about their workers and [...]

Science Can’t Tell Your Tongue What to Like

Science seems determined to invade the art and romance of wine, doesn't it? However, Science Can't Tell Your Tongue What to Like, can it? Every so often a new scientific thought, tool or gadget is utilized in evaluating or creating wine. Yes, there are some tools that are helpful like the grape sorter that can [...]

Does “Star” Power help a winery?

America LOVES stars and seems to worship "star power." In recent years America has shown itself to be stupidly infatuated with stars. So ... Does Star Power help a winery? This infatuation runs so deeply that it seems to ignore HOW someone has become famous in the first place. Not that long ago, a person had [...]

The World of Wine + Millennials

Time and time again the French proverb "the more things change the more they stay the same" seems to be proven correct, doesn't it? However, the " World of Wine + Millennials " are still proving this proverb to be true ... just with a twist. Pairing your wine with Millennial tastes requires much more [...]

Labels Matter for Informed Consumers

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is an often quoted line from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Juliet's character is using this approach to downplay the importance of Romeo's name being Montague. In her eyes, Romeo would be wonderful no matter his name. While this is a tactic that we have seen teenagers [...]