Does “Star” Power help a winery?

America LOVES stars and seems to worship "star power." In recent years America has shown itself to be stupidly infatuated with stars. So ... Does Star Power help a winery? This infatuation runs so deeply that it seems to ignore HOW someone has become famous in the first place. Not that long ago, a person had [...]

The World of Wine + Millennials

Time and time again the French proverb "the more things change the more they stay the same" seems to be proven correct, doesn't it? However, the " World of Wine + Millennials " are still proving this proverb to be true ... just with a twist. Pairing your wine with Millennial tastes requires much more [...]

Labels Matter for Informed Consumers

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is an often quoted line from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Juliet's character is using this approach to downplay the importance of Romeo's name being Montague. In her eyes, Romeo would be wonderful no matter his name. While this is a tactic that we have seen teenagers [...]

Asian Changes in Tastes & Roles – Wine

A myriad of changes are happening simultaneously around our world all the time. A few of note that have become currents in wine and trade are emerging as I scan the headlines online. Of particular interest in the news to CKJY Exports, Asian wine tastes changing. International trade flows. Changes in policy and pricing can reroute [...]

Millennials & the World of Wine

Around the world the Millennial generations have reached drinking age and their tastes are impacting the alcohol industry. As an article I had read a while back in the Washington Post shared, this age group is not following the typical pattern we have seen previously. Millennials & the World of Wine are changing an industry that [...]

BREXIT Wine Worries in Great Britain Become Reality

Any citizen of the world was given reason to be upset and to join in the myriad of feelings that accompanies yet another terrorist attack. Our hearts go out to our friends in Great Britain as they have been the subject of one more of these senseless violent attacks. Yet, we have to admire our [...]

Interesting Australian Wine Exporting News

Sharing a fascinating look from a different world view of the international wine market. Matt McDonald's April 11th online article, "Wine Exporters Looking to Consolidate on a Stellar Year" shared on the was insightful for wine exporters like our CKJY Exports team. It shared an Australian view on the 2016 world wine market. More [...]

Wine Connoisseurship & Science Makes Interesting Reading

Even casual wine drinkers have developed a nose and a taste for wine. Enjoying wine is both a personal and social experience. Each of our tongues have preferences and we develop our own taste profiles. True connoisseurs of wine learn to appreciate wine on a different way. These refinements in their wine palates allows them [...]