Meet Krupp Brothers Wine

Ambiance, ambition, story, wine or a combination of these? Why does a wine & winery speak to you? Our Todd Wetzel, Krupp Brothers Wine has that "it" factor. Learn why ...

Refreshing Summertime Vodka Cocktails

"Eye candy" cocktails? Have you ever clicked through the internet and found cocktail recipes that your eyes enjoyed and you wanted to try? We have. In today's blog, we are sharing some of the best vodka summer cocktail recipes we have found. These three websites share mixed drinks that are enjoyable to sip on visually [...]

Chardonnay – Wine for Life

You can’t go wrong with the classics - especially when you are building a wine list for a restaurant, selecting wines for your store or just a wine for your friends coming over to dinner.  Chardonnay is a classic crowd pleaser. With warm summer days here, it is time to transition from red wine focus [...]

Great News! CKJY Exports Inc. has been approved for the USDA FAS Export Credit Guarantee Program

Our CKJY Exports Inc. team is working to maximize what we can do for both our import customers and the product producers we represent abroad. There are many ways we can do that by putting in long hours and providing excellent service, of course. However, with a bit of research and effort we can maximize [...]

Tell Us What You Want to Import … What You Really Want

Browse through the CKJY Exports website and not see what you were looking for? Let's talk! Our product team can find or create it for you ... learn more.

Crafting Oregon’s Drinkable Gems – The Cathedral Ridge Winery Team

Creating beautiful wines requires the blessings of nature, a skilled vintner and a dedicated team. The Cathedral Ridge Winery crafts drinkable gems year after year ...

Gregarious Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris has led a long and interesting life. Sharing what our wine investigation discovered plus ... some tasting notes and recommendations. Where Does It Come From? This varietal was born hundreds of years ago in France. Since then, it has traveled all over the world: Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania, and, [...]