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Our CKJY Exports Motto – Sourcing Cases & Kegs Just for You!

Our mission is to source quality American wine, craft beer, hard cider or distilled spirits for you.

We represent over 30 different family – run alcohol suppliers. Additionally, we accommodate specific product requests and acquire sourcing for your needs.

Your Source for American Wine –

We offer 100+ different wines ready for export from all across the West Coast’s famous wine regions. No matter your customers’ wine preferences, we have wines to build your business. Please inquire about the varietals, price points, etc. of the wines you seek for your business. Recently, we extended our Entry Level Wine tier, contact us today to find out what brands appeal to you.

Taste the unique flavors that California, Oregon and Washington’s climates give their wines. Offer either classic or undiscovered varietals for your customers to appreciate. 

Your Source for West Coast Craft Beer –

The craft beer craze has become a trend with staying power. Did you know that the craft beer trend started on the West Coast of the United States? It has spread across the globe and is here to stay. Customers who develop a love of craft beer crave new flavors and styles.

Our American craft beer selection offers different styles of your customers’ favorite beers. You can introduce exotic or seasonal flavors for customers to experience. 

Import Delicious & Popular American Hard Cider –

This age old drink is growing wildly in popularity. Ciders are a great drink for all seasons! We represent a wide variety of flavors and styles of ciders that are sure to catch your customers eye and keep them coming back for more. 

Cider is a refreshing American trend that is quickly becoming a retail & bar staple. Introduce these crisp enjoyable drinks to your customers.


Whiskey & Distilled Spirits Have Been Added to Our Offerings List –

Proudly announcing our newest addition to our CKJY Exports Catalog of offerings – distilled spirits!

Distilled spirits such as vodka and whiskeys are always a popular choice. Choose from our growing list of quality, delicious distilled spirits for export.

Thirsty to Learn More About Working with CKJY Exports?

Thirsty to learn more about how CKJY Exports can assist you in importing West Coast wine, craft beer, cider, distilled spirits or custom labels? Let’s start a conversation. Contact us.