Crafting Oregon’s Drinkable Gems – The Cathedral Ridge Winery Team

Creating beautiful wines requires the blessings of nature, a skilled vintner and a dedicated team. The Cathedral Ridge Winery crafts drinkable gems year after year …

Celebrating GALentine’s Day

We’ve all heard of Valentines day, where couples celebrate their love for each. But when do you celebrate you girl friends that are there for you always? Now, you can show how much you love & appreciate your girlfriends on Galentines Day, February 13th.  Amy Poeler’s character Leslie Knope created GALentine’s Day on Parks & […]

Sharing the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition Winners CKJY Exports Proudly Represents …

Each January, the San Francisco Chronicle hosts an international wine competition. Wines from around the globe compete with some of the world’s top judges deciding the winners. As you can imagine, the competition in every category is both tasty and fierce. Click here for a complete listing of the winners by winery. Our CKJY Exports […]

Searching for NEW Alcohol Products to Introduce in Your Market?

Are you tasked with discovering and bringing new fresh global alcohol products to your company’s customers? How do you manage to consistently find “trend winners” to grow your company’s profits on a budget? Are you seeking quality trusted international suppliers to help you with this ongoing challenging process?
Or do you need to supplement your current standard alcohol products by offering a larger variety of producer choices? … Yes? … Keep reading …

Why Try … Sensational West Coast Syrah?

While I’m not sure if John Wayne drank wine but if he did I like to think it would have been a West Coast Syrah. Syrah or Shiraz is the darkest of the red wines. Even darker than the almighty Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s big and bold with a vast flavor profile. Leather, licorice, dark berries, […]

Single Vineyard Wine? Why is That Special?

While perusing the wine aisle or reading a nice restaurant’s wine list, you may have come across the term “ Single Vineyard ”. You may have thought to yourself… Don’t all wines come from a vineyard? Why is a Single Vineyard special? Did you feel nervous wondering what does this mean? Truth be told, I […]

Holiday Food & Fun Pairing Guide – Wine & Craft Beer

Holiday fun with wine, craft beer or hard cider? At times it can feel so stressful to pair spirits perfectly, can’ it? Folks you rarely see or new faces you want to impress can build your holiday stress as you prepare for these special guests. Our CKJY Exports blog is here help! In this post, […]

Tasty Wine Pairing Suggestions for International Cuisines featuring Cathedral Ridge Winery

When hosting an evening at your place for friends, we all want it to be interesting and fun, right? How do you do this consistently? We try new things like international cuisine recipes! Our CKJY Exports team enjoys pairing wine with new recipes. How do we do it? Well … it depends … Are we Wine […]