Visit The Bickford Brothers’ Beautiful Oregon Winery

Next up on our virtual winery tour is beautiful Mount Hood Winery. Great to stop and visit fifth generation farmers, Steve and Don Bickford, create quintessential Oregon wine varietals. Beautiful wines from the picturesque Columbia Gorge are their family’s specialty!

Picture Yourself Sipping Wine at Mt. Hood Winery

Have you ever sipped wine with scenery as lovely as this? If you visit the Bickford family’s winery, you can sip wine every bit as lovely as you gaze out their tasting room windows to drink in this same vista. Consequently, this lovely painting is a picture of Oregon’s Mount Hood and graces the labels […]

Wildfires + Wine – Concerns for Napa, Columbia Gorge, Portugal & Spain

2017 has felt like the Wine World has been on fire. The apocalyptic fires that were witnessed in Portugal and the Napa wine regions were horrific.  Both fires claimed over 40 lives, many homes and decimated the livelihoods of the wine region.  Both of these fires are thought to have been sparked by high winds […]