Wild White Wine? – Sauvignon Blanc

Wild White Wine? Have you ever thought a wine could be wild? Truly, that is what the very name of this sophisticated white wine means, “Wild White.” There is a lot more to both know and to appreciate with Sauvignon Blanc!

Asian Changes in Tastes & Roles – Wine

A myriad of changes are happening simultaneously around our world all the time. A few of note that have become currents in wine and trade are emerging as I scan the headlines online. Of particular interest in the news to CKJY Exports, Asian wine tastes changing. International trade flows. Changes in policy and pricing can reroute […]

Interesting Australian Wine Exporting News

Sharing a fascinating look from a different world view of the international wine market. Matt McDonald’s April 11th online article, “Wine Exporters Looking to Consolidate on a Stellar Year” shared on the FoodMag.com.au was insightful for wine exporters like our CKJY Exports team. It shared an Australian view on the 2016 world wine market. More […]