Meet Krupp Brothers Wine

Ambiance, ambition, story, wine or a combination of these? Why does a wine & winery speak to you? Our Todd Wetzel, Krupp Brothers Wine has that “it” factor. Learn why …

It’s A Beautiful Family Affair … Brown Estate

At Brown Estate, winemaking is a family affair! However, instead of handing down winemaking traditions … the kids started this winery’s label. Sip a fabulous family story in this week’s Wine & Spirits blog.

CKJY Exports’ South Korean Lead Intern Shares Her Experience Learning About California Wines

Jihyun Bang, our talented Lead CKJY Exports’ Intern who is currently studying at Fresno State University, is our guest writer for this week’s Wine & Spirits Blog. She shares her experiences learning about California wines with you. (Written first in Korean and then in English.) 새로운 경험 = 와인! 와인이란 나에게 참 생소했다. 어렸을 때, […]

How Cool is Flora Springs Winery? Wine Cave Cool? Yes & More!

Exactly how cool is Flora Springs Winery?  Snoopy’s Cool Joe cool? Justin Timberlake cool? Maybe … James Dean cool? Perhaps even … Frank Sinatra or Elvis cool? Why is our CKJY Exports team convinced on the U.S. winery scene that Flora Springs Winery is COOL? Here are our thoughts on this matter … Where to […]

Holiday Happenings in Wine Country Calendar Ideas for You

Sharing good wine and laughter are a part of American holiday celebrations. Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s are prime times to toast our family and friends. Wine country loves to celebrate too. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate and are visiting wine country, there are plenty of fun events to participate […]

Wine Talk: Exploring Napa AVAs

Wine talk can be a bit overwhelming at times, can’t it? What does ” Napa AVA ” even mean? Terrior has been all the rage in wine conversations in recent years. People speak of “tasting the terrior” in the wine. From there they go on to discuss the merits or challenges of certain AVAs. As […]