Wild White Wine? – Sauvignon Blanc

Wild White Wine? Have you ever thought a wine could be wild? Truly, that is what the very name of this sophisticated white wine means, “Wild White.” There is a lot more to both know and to appreciate with Sauvignon Blanc!

Art, Beauty & Wine … (Continued)

Much like cooking, wine can truly be an art. This art marries natural ingredients, experience and science to produce wine. Some winemakers use bad science to create inexpensive wines …

Holiday Food & Fun Pairing Guide – Wine & Craft Beer

Holiday fun with wine, craft beer or hard cider? At times it can feel so stressful to pair spirits perfectly, can’ it? Folks you rarely see or new faces you want to impress can build your holiday stress as you prepare for these special guests. Our CKJY Exports blog is here help! In this post, […]

Wildfires + Wine – Concerns for Napa, Columbia Gorge, Portugal & Spain

2017 has felt like the Wine World has been on fire. The apocalyptic fires that were witnessed in Portugal and the Napa wine regions were horrific.  Both fires claimed over 40 lives, many homes and decimated the livelihoods of the wine region.  Both of these fires are thought to have been sparked by high winds […]