Art, Beauty & Wine … (Continued)

Much like cooking, wine can truly be an art. This art marries natural ingredients, experience and science to produce wine. Some winemakers use bad science to create inexpensive wines …

Art, Beauty & Wine …

Have you ever contemplated art, beauty & wine? How do you know what art is? Do you “know” it when you see it? What about when you taste it? Have you ever stopped to think about the commonalities between art and wine? Beyond the flavor or taste of it being beautiful or thought provoking, they share a lot more than just the subjective nature of evaluation.

Science Can’t Tell Your Tongue What to Like

Science seems determined to invade the art and romance of wine, doesn’t it? However, Science Can’t Tell Your Tongue What to Like, can it? Every so often a new scientific thought, tool or gadget is utilized in evaluating or creating wine. Yes, there are some tools that are helpful like the grape sorter that can […]

Wine Connoisseurship & Science Makes Interesting Reading

Even casual wine drinkers have developed a nose and a taste for wine. Enjoying wine is both a personal and social experience. Each of our tongues have preferences and we develop our own taste profiles. True connoisseurs of wine learn to appreciate wine on a different way. These refinements in their wine palates allows them […]