Definitely Worth Celebrating = California Wine Month

It’s that time of year again … California Wine Month! For those of you that don’t know September is Wine Month in California. This is the 15th annual celebration of the 3,900 wineries and 5,900 grape growers in California. Just another reason to celebrate and drink some of your favorite wine. What Can You Do […]

Is American Wine Culture Worthy of Exporting or Sharing? (Part 1 of 2)

Though America was founded in 1776, it is thought that American wine culture was actually begun in 1976 with the infamous “Judgement of Paris.” Since that time, the wine world has changed to include America on the forefront. Judgement of Paris – The Sip Still Heard Around the Wine World Steven Spurrier owned a struggling […]

New Cultural Personal Experience – Wine + Indian Heritage

Wine has yet to be an Indian thing. Though India is moving towards westernization, many baby boomers retain a feudal or prohibition era mindset. These long held Indian beliefs have judged people who consume alcohol as if it’s a sin. This is changing as India begins to modernize. Travel and exposure to other cultures has […]